The Golden Truth: Nature's Harmony

As human beings, we appropriate the EGO to the driver's seat, while we relegate our built-in sense of collaborative or biological altruistic imperative to a standby witness, at best. As proof, there are immaculate examples of the ability to override this function, by what we perceive as humans to be extraordinary beings like Socrates, Copernicus, Leonardo DaVincci, Mozart, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Einstein, Tesla, etc. All of these individuals felt like they were part of a ‘collective consciousness' which all interpreted differently (some as faith, others as art, or science), as they felt a call to a higher purpose, an altruistic one—for of the betterment and survival of the species via the anima of both physical and spiritual needs.

This exercise of the mind has left me excited and renewed with hope, that indeed the Human Condition may yet reach its full built-in potential (See posts on Human Collective). It seems that we have experienced in our recent present a modern ‘dark age' period, such as ones from ages in history, during which human consciousness appears to stunt its advancement, and retracts into selfish realms of being and existentialist pleasures.  Similar to the controlled experiment, where slime mold exposed to periods of stress in anticipation of the stress, began to stunt its growth--I find the human collective has done the same (See Post on Slime Mold). Perhaps from these experiments, we can further gain insight into the implication that we are but individual pieces, like the mold nuclei, in the grand collective of the organism, that like the original example we have observed, make a whole.

The beauty of creation is that the design and intentions are seen in the world all around us, in the forms of both micro and macrocosms, we observe, as forms of objective truth.  The golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, or the golden mean is a complicated mathematical formula that is derived from the measurement of the distance between ratios, and appears in all forms of nature. Flower petals, sunflower seed heads, tree branches and root systems, all follow the Fibonacci sequence present in the golden ratio. Seashells, spiral galaxies, and hurricanes all follow the golden spiral in the same ratio. The length of our fingers, from the tip of the base to the wrist, follows the ratio of Phi. The measurement from the human navel to the floor and to the top of your head follows the golden ratio; so do the bodies of dolphins, starfish, ants, and honeybees. And to rest my case, I add that a DNA molecule's measurements of the double helix spiral exhibits and follows the Fibonacci sequence

 (link to Live Science and read more).

Can you accept the golden ratio as part of a deliberate, intelligent design; an objective truth that cannot be denied? 

Subjectively we all decide what to believe after all that is what I think our free will allows. However the main point in all this cannot be ignored, and that is to acknowledge that in this study we see ourselves, and that scares us. The thought that no one will speak out loud in any of the research I have read so far is this one: “If such a primitive form of being in creation can function on such a high cognitive level, by simply giving up its sense of ego and collaborating altruistically for the effective propagation of its self-sustainment; and in its single-cellular structure we consider to be inferior to us, how then can we be jealous and feel inferior in our cognitive abilities to the slimy mold?” I am hoping in all of this we can take the hidden potential as a subjective truth that can be explored objectively. I just can’t wait to see what the future of the human race’s evolution holds for us.

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