Belief, and the Leap to Faith: NOT one and the same

I have had recent events in my life happen, that did not shake my Faith, but merely strengthened it; while I saw the same exact events unfold in the eyes of others, and leave their Beliefs shaken... Leading me to the contemplation that BELIEF and FAITH are two different things, and then it reminded me of reading the Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard whom contemplated this very subject; so why re-invent the wheel?

What is the "leap of faith" according to the Philosopher Kierkegaard?

Soren Kierkegaard's (who coined the phrase) philosophy on Leap of Faith is rooted in the distinction between Belief and Faith. This philosopher argued the merit of faith in God. In fact, he asserted that life is only worth living if you have total FAITH in God. According to Kierkegaard, BELIEF is reserved for things that can be proven by evidence. On the other hand FAITH is reserved for things that lack evidence. Since he also agreed that God is beyond logic, proof, or reason, he had no trouble admitting it took a Leap of Faith to believe in God; after all lack of logic, proof or reason are the very things necessary for Faith to be FAITH.

In order to reach this kind of faith, which Kierkegaard did not deem impossible, he argued that one must be constantly busy with self-analysis and evaluation. What this statement means and implies is that rather than just going around saying I “Have Faith”, one must take a long good look at themselves. Faith is also circular, in that it takes Faith to have Faith, hence again described as a "Leap."
Interesting Factoid
Kierkegaard never used the term "Leap OF Faith", rather he describes how one can make a "Leap TO Faith."

I found the Video below a good representation of the point I've tried to make, though I am not Christian, and you might not be either... GOD or CREATOR may mean different things or come by different names, to different people. It is all relative to the one having the experience.

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