Belief, and the Leap to Faith: NOT one and the same

I have had recent events in my life happen, that did not shake my Faith, but merely strengthened it; while I saw the same exact events unfold in the eyes of others, and leave their Beliefs shaken... Leading me to …

Duty vs. Rights

“We become Just, by doing Just acts; Temperate, by doing Temperate acts,” –Aristotle.

In Human Rights, according to H.J. McCloskey, a right may be an entitlement to do, to enjoy, to demand, to have done for us. Rights may be…

IS it true that we OUGHT to seek reason?

David Hume stated that there are fundamental differences between Moral arguments and other kinds or arguments. The IS/OUGHT conundrum. This theory can be best broken down like this...  Rational Argument: All women are mortal. Krys is a woman. Therefore Krys…

The Golden Truth: Nature's Harmony

As human beings, we appropriate the EGO to the driver's seat, while we relegate our built-in sense of collaborative or biological altruistic imperative to a standby witness, at best. As proof, there are immaculate examples of the ability to override…

Morality, Ethics, & Dr.Death

“We become Just, by doing Just acts; Temperate, by doing Temperate acts.”  –Aristotle.
These are potent words that echo in my mind while pondering the meditation at hand. I have read Aristotle and Plato (among others) extensively since I was…

Can HUMANITY learn from Slime Mold?

        How can one subscribe to the notion that slime mold may contain any intelligence; henceforth any that we can learn from? First, you have to determine the knowledge of the mold in question. This mold can solve mazes, and find…

Human Compassion & the Spirit

No matter what spiritual path or belief you follow, one of the major vitues in the practice is Human Compassion. Perhaps it is because we witness so much suffering around us, maybe there is an innate need to reach out…

The Mind & the Collective Unconscious

It was late at night on a Wednesday, my eyes were red and burning, from staying up and staring at the screen all day. I had spent many hours writing technical reports, and intensely using both right and left sides…

Religion vs. Spirituality

What is the difference, between Religion and Spirituality? 

     As a woman of mixed ethnicities and cultures, it is not hard to place both hats atop my head, after all I was raised under Native American faith, and then moved to…

Persona. Personality, and Human Nature.

One of the main components of the self is in knowing where one part of you ends and another begins. Parts, you ask? Yes, parts.
The self has multiple parts. We all develop many facets as we grow, and, of…

Why Do We Tell Ourselves LIES???

In a recent social experiment, i have encountered what I have come to call the "Conscious Amnesia" factor.  This factor by definition seems to be understood as self-evident, but indeed beneath the sea of lies and cover-ups, there seems to …

What do you SEE when you LOOK?

What you SEE, and What you DON'T

So many times we glance over an image, presume what we expect to see, and do not give it a second thought. We look and almost mindlessly allow our brains to compute the…